Politeknik Melaka, 5th December 2022 - Respectful Visit by Delegation of Politeknik Negeri Bali from November 30th until December 2nd 2022 remarks the mutual assured collaboration between PNB and PMK. The bilateral relations The presence of the distinguished guests, that is  Assistant Director of Industry, Business and International Partnership PNB , Bapak Ir. I Wayan Arya, Ibu Prof. Dr. Ir. Lilik Sudiajeng and Bapak Ir. Nyoman Suardika together with the Heads of Department & Unit Politeknik Melaka signaled our determination on this bilateral relations to reinforce the global competency among our students to thrive in this rapidly developing world. In-depth discussion chaired by the Deputy Director of Politeknik Melaka was held to review the proposed contents of the Agreed Minutes of Meeting before the signing ceremony. This partnership is exceptionally beneficial not only the staff and students but also the institution on a whole. Therefore, the discussion was mainly highlighted on

  1. Exchange Program
  2. Technical Research Co-operation
  • Cooperation of Training (Lecturers)

It is ultimately hoped that the strategic collaboration will lead to a sustainable future particularly in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Both institutions have taken the chance of this respectful visit to explore greater opportunities of bringing up students to reach the full potential in their field of study.  Besides the discussion, other activities held during the visit including Campus Tour, Teaching & Learning Lecture by the delegates on the selected sub-topic of Civil Engineering Course as well as Research Paper Sharing Session with the lecturers of PMK. Delegation was also brought on a site visit at IBS, Kosmo Bina, Ayer Paabas in the company of few staffs and proceeded the schedule with a tour around Malacca City that is immensely popular for its rich heritage and breathtaking sights.

Last but foremost, all parties should work efficiently to make this success happens. It is not just a Written commitment BUT it is a commitment of WILL.