Politeknik Melaka , 1st August 2022 - International Relations Unit PMK has successfully organized the Opening Ceremony of the Virtual Value-Added Exchange Program 2022 involving the participation of Commerce Department's students from both Politeknik Melaka and Institut Asia, Indonesia. This internship collaboration offers a great platform for the students not only to experience the foreign working environment but also enhance their competency and knowledge in the respective course studied namely Accountancy, Bussiness Managament & International Business. As for the PMK's students, this program lasts from 1st - 14th August 2022 where all four of them will be joining  UOB, Kay Hian  Institut Asia Indonesia while the other four students from Institut Asia will undergo their internship at PMK"s Accounting Firm and FARHANADAM Food Industry starting from 1st to 30th August 2022. A set of work scope has been properly outlined to ensure the students are able in taking the skills where they can be applied most fruitfully. It is also in line with the KPI of JPKK specifically in the number of students involved in the outbound exchange program ,strengthen the relationship between two institutions as well as enable students to experience a brand new culture, meet new people and grow as a person.  At the end of this program,  it is highly expected that all participants   will be well- prepared in all aspects of work task in order to establish an excellency in their future job marketability. A token of appreciation to the company & industry involved in this program particularly the Founder of FARHANADAM Food Industry, Tn Hj. Abd Aziz Bin Mohd Harun, CEO Accounting Firm of PMK, Pn. Noor Azira Binti Sawal and the Director of UOB Kay Hian Institut Asia Indonesia.

This virtual internship program is aimed at :

1) Promoting active collaboration between the 2 institutions.

2) Giving the students an insight into the foreign culture.

3) Providing exposure to an alternative and innovative way of learning.

4) Grooming students and helping in their personal as well as professional development. 

5) Nurturing new skills and enhancing their personality required to stay relevant in the global competitive market.